An Thuong night market Day 1 !!!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Everyone was talking about it, it seemed it could just be a rumor... but the Night Market is real! This unique spot in An Thuong 5 is the new local hub, concentrating food and drink specialities from the 5 continents as well as a few bars. Here is the a great chance for locals, tourists and expats to mingle in the heart of Danang most popular beach district. Founded by a Vietnamese-Japanese couple, the Night Market's very first day had to be celebrated properly. That's when the Viva crew comes for the Grand Opening party!! The live entertainment brought the event to another level... With great pride we had the chance to host the grooviest band in Danang: "Central Funk Collective", as well as a few DJs from the regular VIVA DJ crew. Not to be missed was special performance by DJ Polo and MC Kusan Watah. It was such an historic day for An Thuong village and surely this 4th of May 2018 will be celebrated and remembered.

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